UX Designer And then some


  • UX Design

    User research and surveys
    Low—high fidelity wireframes
    Prototyping and testing

  • Visual Design

    Page layout
    Web graphics

  • Branding & Strategy

    Brand standards and guidelines


I’m Erin, and I’m awesome. I am a UX designer with a penchant for creating digital experiences that delight. I’m passionate about connecting with people, understanding the needs of a business and its customers and delivering exceptional, beautiful work that drives engagement and action.

I geek out over zombies, obsess over Star Wars and craft karaoke strategies in my free time. I also make homemade bitters in my quest for the perfect Whiskey Ginger Bitters (WGB), a.k.a. “The ET”!

Check out my work, stalk my LinkedIn to see my experience and shoot me an email if you have a great WGB recipe (or, you know, if you need an awesome UX designer for your team).


You can contact me at hello@etcreates.com

or connect online: