The Pulseband is a fictitious health band from GE, it distinguishes itself from other wearables on the market by including the capabilities to track the user’s blood pressure, heart rate and EKG patterns. My team was tasked with building a companion mobile app, as well as visual design and branding for the device.


  • user research
  • user research
  • competitive analysis
  • user survey
  • affinity map

Utilizing Agile Methodology, our team divided the project into three sprints: inspiration, ideation and implementation. The Inspiration phase focused on creating a research strategy that would guide our decisions in the design process. We researched heart conditions, created an interview guide, interviewed SMEs (both medical professional and at-risk individuals), and did a comprehensive comparison of other wearable devices on the market. From our initial research we narrowed our user base to individuals in the 55–70 age range and conducted an online survey of people in this range to gain a better understanding of their device usage and comfort levels. Finally, we synthesized our research by creating an affinity map to help narrow the focus of our product's features and to help prioritize the information the app would provide.


  • judy persona
  • mood board
  • challenges sketch
  • challenges flow
  • low-fidelity prototype
  • design concepts

Taking what we learned during the Inspiration phase we created two user personas to help guide our design decisions and created mood boards for visual inspiration. Our personas focused on those that are not at-risk but are serious about prevention, and those who already at-risk due to a pre-existing condition. From there we developed a UX strategy that involved the creation of an app map containing all of the product’s features and task flows of the onboarding process, the creation of challenges and for how a user would take a reading. Wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes of these flows were created to help us test our design decisions. On the visual side of things we began finalizing style choices through the creation of style tiles and logo development.


  • Pulseband Screens
  • UI Kit
  • Brand Guidelines

During the final sprint of our project we focused on putting it all together. Our research taught us that we needed to keep the design clean, easy to read and to understand. The main focus of the app is to read a person’s heart stats and these became the main focus of the user’s dashboard. Key screens based on our final task flows were created and brought into to create a high-fidelity functional prototype of the onboarding process, the main dashboard and the challenges feature. We developed a UI kit and brand guidelines for marketing and design purposes, and created a product roadmap showcasing ideas for the future of the product.

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