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The Risk Management Association (RMA) is a world-wide member-based organization for the those in the banking and finance industry. Based in Philadelphia, RMA provides its members with the opportunity to grow their professional knowledge base via courses, seminars and conferences held on both a local and international level. My role at RMA was Senior Graphic Designer in the Marketing department.


  • latin america conference
  • pasla
  • pasla

The Securities Lending division at RMA holds a series of annual conferences both nationally and internationally. I was tasked with designing all of the print, web and tradeshow graphics for each conference. The challenge with these projects was that the main content for every brochure followed the same format both in the copy and in the design specifications. In order to keep the designs fresh I would research the conference location for inspiration that would drive the design. SInce I was often designing for both small- and large-scale print I would often incorporate vector graphics as part of the main treatment in order to keep the design looking crisp when printed at the larger size.


  • rma university logo
  • rsecurities lending anniversary logo
  • rma xchange logo
  • crc logo

While at RMA I was also tasked with designing a number of logos for various products, services and special events. Shown above are a few examples of final logos with examples of early concepts.

Book Covers

  • annual statement studies

At RMA I also had the task of updating the design for the Annual Statement Studies. The main challenge of this project was to keep the title of the book from looking like ASS, literally.

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